On the cruising circuit, Sojana divides her time between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, touring various islands, harbours and events throughout the sailing seasons.


Underway – A pleasure to sail.

With limited heel, a spacious and comfortable cockpit and hydraulic winches, Sojana is a pleasure to sail with either a full racing crew or core cruising crew onboard.

Sojana is an extremely comfortable yacht to sail, whether experiencing the exhilaration on deck or relaxing down below. Her large sail area and ergonomically designed cockpit were engineered for maximum performance to enable exceptionally stable, but extremely fast cruising.

The carefully designed cuddy and deckhouse on the same level as the cockpit, was developed in order to allow guests to travel out of the elements whilst being able to enjoy a full panoramic view.


Maximising her guests’ cruising experience.

Excepting the obvious racing benefit to her fast cruising design, Sojana’s supremely adaptable ketch rig and large sail area means that she can achieve sustained reaching speeds far superior to many similar sized cruising yachts.

Apart from the sheer exhilaration benefits, her speed enables Sojana to visit more locations in a limited timescale and therefore maximises her guests’ cruising experience.

Comfortably Powerful

Being a water/fuel ballasted yacht, in racing mode she can reach in excess of 15 – 20 knots in 10 — 15 knots of breeze, with her two tall carbon fibre ‘Hall Spars’ masts maximising her powerful and varied sail inventory.

In cruising mode, with minimum sails up, speeds of 9 — 12 knots in similar windspeeds are comfortably achieved.

Impressive Sail Locker

The large full cruising and racing sail inventory, incorporates 624m2 of sail area upwind, and a massive 1029m2 of sail area downwind.

When racing the sail inventory is top of the range 3DI North Sail delivering 651m2 upwind and a massive 1444m2 downwind.

When cruising, the boat has two furling spinnakers flown from the main and mizzen masts, which were designed for straightforward ease of handling.

A sheer pleasure to sail.

Sojana also has the benefit of precise steering and this, combined with the visionary exterior styling and ergonomically designed safe deck layout, means that she is a pleasure to sail in all wind and sea conditions.

At the heart of the yacht, the cockpit provides a comfortable seating area for dining and relaxing during the day, as well as watching the sun set in the evening with a chilled glass of champagne or cocktail served by her attentive crew.

Sojana’s professional crew.

With a core professional crew of five, the flexibility of Sojana’s sail configuration allows her to be effortlessly handled in cruising mode, yet easily accomodate a large crew for racing.